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Douglas J. Shumway is a licensed attorney in the state of Utah and a partner at Shumway Van. He...

Douglas J. Shumway, Esq.


Michael C. Van is a lawyer in Las Vegas and partner in the law firm of Shumway Van. Mr....

Michael C. Van, Esq.


Clay A. Alger is a junior partner at our law firm who practices primarily in the immigration and litigation...

Clay A. Alger, Esq.


Robert T. Spjute is a partner at our law firm working out ofthe firm’s Salt Lake City offices. He...

Robert T. Spjute, Esq.


Brent Huntley is a partner at our law firm working out of our Las Vegas, Nevada, office where he...

Brent D. Huntley, Esq.


Karl A. Shelton is an associate attorney in our Las Vegas office focusing primarily on civil and commercial litigation....

Karl A. Shelton, Esq.


Daniel Hansen is an attorney at our law firm’s Las Vegas office. Daniel works with our Civil Litigation practice...

Daniel Hansen, Esq.


Jessica Guerra is an Associate Attorney in the Las Vegas office and is a member of the litigation practice...

Jessica Guerra, Esq.


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frequently asked questions

Are all law firms and attorneys able to do the same work?

Unfortunately, the age of the viable general legal practitioner is coming to an end and we are entering an age of specialization. As the speed of life, business, and information have increased the practice of law has become infinitely more complex. New law is being created daily and the global impact caused by local changes in law is becoming more and more apparent. It has become nearly impossible for any one attorney to keep up with all areas and complexities of the law and strategies related thereto, and that is why it is so important for any client to find a law firm that fits his or her specific needs.

How will I know which attorney is best for me and my situation?

At our law firm, due to the level of specialization each attorney has, your potential choices for a particular matter are limited to those practicing in the appropriate practice group. You will find, however, that there are a variety of personalities to choose from in each practice group so you can meet with a few of the attorneys and determine which fits your personality the best. If you find a lawyer that you love to work with but you have a legal matter of a type that he or she doesn’t handle then you can be assured that your lawyer will help you to find a complimentary personality to work with in another practice group. In any case, you should always feel free to contact any lawyer you enjoyed working with to address any questions or concerns.

How will I be kept informed of my case?

Our lawyers understand the importance of communication and transparency between an attorney and each and every client. Therefore, we strive to communicate with each client however they feel it is best to communicate, and we do so as often as reasonable considering budgetary constraints and other factors. Legal matters, lawsuits especially, have a way of stretching out over extended periods of time and clients often feel anxious and want to make sure everything that can be done is getting done. Receiving daily updates can prove very expensive for a client and may lead to additional frustration, so we strive to obtain balance with each client so that they are receiving timely information and know that their case is progressing according to a strategy.

What do I do when I have a question?

Our lawyers and paralegal staff are always interested in answering your questions so we want you to ask them. Because our attorneys run very tight schedules the vast majority of the time meeting with clients, doing research, drafting, and reviewing documents, preparing contracts, briefs or pleadings, sometimes the most efficient way to communicate with us is through a paralegal or legal assistant. If the paralegal or legal assistant cannot answer your question then you can be sure that every attempt will be made get the answer for you from one of the attorneys handling your case.

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From extremely complex litigation and complicated transactional, regulatory and personal matters, the attorneys at Shumway Van take care of me, my businesses, and my family. I would recommend them to anyone at anytime.

John Giambi, CEO of Big League Dreams
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