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Our History

Shumway Van was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing clients with exceptional “big firm” results for a reasonable “small firm” price. The firm was organized just as the United States and many other portions of the globe were entering a deep recession. Prior to the firm’s inception, the founding partners met together in Las Vegas to discuss the state of the economy and how it was affecting the practice of law, and during that meeting recognized the immense need for law firms to be extraordinarily concerned about the needs of their clients rather than meeting billable hour requirements in order to preserve client solvency and future business. Within six months of that initial meeting, Shumway Van was formed on the primary principles of honor, service, trust and value, and our firm has been growing rapidly since that day.

Each team member at the firm is committed to serving our clients in the same unwavering manner today. While our attorneys have amassed many successes during their careers, our proudest accomplishment is our continued representation almost all of our initial clients, many of which survived the Great Recession in part because they worked in concert with the firm to resolve their legal issues in a reasonable manner and without extensive and costly litigation.

Indeed, the law firm of Shumway Van has enjoyed great success because we are committed to providing excellent talent, service and results, and adapting quickly to changing economic environments.

A hallmark of our firm is the commitment to service that we pledge to every client:

  • To provide the highest quality of legal counsel;
  • To bill in an economical, reasonable manner for productive work;
  • To provide prompt, responsive legal assistance in all respects, from returning phone calls to managing transaction and litigation deadlines;
  • To obtain optimum results through creative problem-solving;
  • To understand each client’s unique needs in addition to the legal landscape; and
  • To handle each client’s situation in the most aggressive, creative and cost-effective fashion possible.

Our mission for every client in every situation is to achieve the best possible bottom-line result at the earliest possible date.

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