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Douglas J. Shumway, Esq.


Douglas J. Shumway is a licensed attorney in the state of Utah and a partner at Shumway Van. He has a wide-ranging transactional practice, with significant experience in corporate law, securities law, commercial and land financing transactions, construction loans, commercial and residential development and complex purchase and sales of real property.

Additionally, Mr. Shumway represents both landlords and tenants in commercial, industrial and retail leases, lessors and lessees in ground lease transactions, and investors and developers in the structuring of limited liability companies and corporations and securities related issues associated therewith.

Mr. Shumway has been heavily involved in the real estate industry since 2003, and since 2008 (arguably the heart of the most recent recession) he has been lead transactional counsel on a significant number of real estate related transactions.

Due to his extensive and diverse experience in matters relating to contract preparation and the laws associated therewith, Mr. Shumway also acts as a litigation strategist for the firm in relation to most of the commercial litigation matters being handled in the state of Utah and elsewhere.

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